Matanuska Glacier Safari

Brief Description of Matanuska Glacier Safari Adventure ( Walking Adventure):

The adventure starts at Alaska Photography Academy in Palmer with a four hour class focusing on how to control depth of field by adjusting the aperture, strategies for artful lighting, how to compose a family portrait, alternative angles, and more. 

The group then moves on for 2-3 hours of Photo Safari Adventure.  After class training, we will drive up the Glen Highway for 90 minutes to Matanuska Glacier.  From there we will hike approximately 30-60 minutes up to scenic vantage points where we will photograph the Glaciers many elegant natural carvings that only a living glacier can provide.  During this time your instructors will be available to help you as you begin putting your new knowledge into practice.

About the Class

Out of all the photo classes and clinics taught, we have been recognized by many as "The Photo class that just makes sense"!  We think it's because all the other classes and clinics that keep coming out miss the mark on what most photographers really want: a course of teaching that cuts through all that techno-stuff, and uncovers the secrets the pros use to create amazing photos.

After all, that's what we all want, right? We want to create photos that make our friends and family say, "Wow, that's incredible. Did you take that?" But even though we have great digital cameras - in fact, we often have the exact same makes and models that the big pros use - somehow they're still the ones getting all the "Wows!" Until now.

Alaska Photography Academy now tackles the most important side of digital photography: how to take pro-quality shots using the same tricks that today's top digital pros use.

This isn't a class on photographic theory - it isn't full of jargon and confusing concepts. This photography class teaches you exactly which button to push, which setting to use, and many of the most closely guarded "tricks-of-the-trade" to get you shooting dramatically better looking, sharper, more colorful, professional looking photos with your digital camera every time you push the shutter.

Beginners and experienced photographers welcome!

Got a new camera? 
Want to take better pictures of your family?
 Want to come home with incredible vacation pictures?
 Want to learn how to capture your child's sporting event?
 Do you want to impress everyone with professional looking images?
 Has it always been your dream to become a photographer?

We teach you the basics with easy to learn, step-by-step instructions on how to take incredible, mind-blowing images!

Perhaps one of the best decisions you've ever made...

Spend some time with award winning professional photographers Chance and Roxie Mayberry learn how to take control of your camera/photography. This workshop is perfect for those who want to gain a strong understanding of their camera.

This workshop includes:

1. Four intense hours of learning

2. Easy to understand step-by-step instructions

3. Basic photography principles

4. How to use all of settings on your camera

5. How to photograph like a pro

6. Artistic photographic theory

By the time you are finished with our workshop you will amaze everyone with your ability to take breathtaking images and your camera will now be an extension of your artistry!

This workshop will address:

1. Essentials - Preparing for success

2. ISO - Controlling the image sensor

3. Aperture - Controlling light and depth of field

4. Shutter Speed - Controlling light and movement

5. Relationship - Combining Aperture and Shutter Speed

6. Lighting - The creation of a photograph

7. Metering - Measuring light for the correct exposure

8. Composition - Arranging the elements of a photograph

9. Completion - Start photographing like a pro

Each attendee receives:

A four hour workshop teaching you how to use and understand all the settings on your camera.

Available for purchase at the workshop is Alaska Photo Academy's Book titled A Photographers Guide to Success: How to shoot like a pro. This is a comprehensive workbook filled with tips and practice exercises.

About the Instructors:

This class is team taught by two professional photographers, Chance and Roxie Mayberry.  Together their passion for photography and many years of experience make this class a fun, unique experience!

With more than 25 years of experience as an award-winning photographer, Chance and Roxie bring passion for visual storytelling to every photography class. They have been trained by some of the leading photographers in America.  Chance is also a master printmaker and regularly consults artists in the proper use and materials in reproduction of print medias. Their professional affiliations include the Professional Photographers of America, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and The National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  They are highly respected among their piers as true artist and craftsmen.  They love to share their vast photographic knowledge with anyone who is eager to learn.


"I have been to other workshops on photography. This one was very complete and understandable. They have a very easy and down-to-earth style and are willing to share all there little tips and tricks to make great photos. I can now create photo art pieces that makes others stop and stare."  -J. Stienner"

I had a wonderful time and learned so much.  I have had my camera for a few years and have always used the automatic settings.  I was always afraid to try it manually.  I am so excited to finally feel like I know how to really use my camera.  Thanks."  - C. Christiansen

The cost for the APA Safari is $599