Professional Photography Classes

Professional Photography courses that offer practical career training

The classes Alaska Photography Academy were created with input from experienced photography professionals and employers in the industry. The goal of our professional photography classes is to help prepare individuals to be better photographers and to pursue careers in the visual arts field through a philosophy of learning by doing.

Our Professional Photography classes in Palmer, Alaska are taught in classrooms and labs that give our students real-life experiences. They learn on industry-current equipment that many of today's professional photographers use. And when they finish the academy, our students can be prepared to pursue new opportunities with the practical photography experience and valuable portfolio pieces that employers or clients are often looking for. Here are just a few of the Professional Photography classes available to students at Alaska Photography Academy:

Digital Illustration

This photography class concentrates on the use of the computer as an illustration and page layout tool. In-depth work with illustration, page layout, and ancillary software programs, with the goal of creating illustrations and layouts to accompany photographs in a final page design. Class should help prepare students for work in traditional print-based media and electronic media.

Stop Action Photography

Continuing the scientific applications of photography, this professional photography course introduces the special equipment and techniques necessary to reveal, study and measure motion. Events that occur too fast for the eye to see are slowed or frozen on film, allowing them to be analyzed. Conversely, events that move too slow to be noticed can be accelerated and made apparent with methods introduced in this course.

Fashion Photography

This advanced photography course helps the student understand the process of producing and executing a professional fashion shoot. Students can learn to work with both amateur and professional models, professional hair/makeup artists, and professional wardrobe stylists as part of a creative team. Specific attention is paid to lighting and film processing techniques unique to contemporary fashion photography.

Intermediate Portrait Methods

Control, execution and an understanding of a variety of styles and subject matters are covered in depth in this course with emphasis on posing, styling, and use of props. Artistic and technical principles are applied to a more complex series of subjects and situations adding children and groups to the repertoire. Assignments in this professional photography class will cover classic, contemporary and pictorial styles for both studio and environmental portraiture and window light. Professional business practices are introduced along with further practice of retouching and print enhancement.